Premature Synchronization is the Root of All Evil

"Our civilization runs on synchronization: the expectation that certain things will happen in fixed places and times relative to other fixed places and times. For thousands of years, human life was attuned to the rhythms of nature. Then for a few hundred years it became attuned to the rhythms of industrial technology. But now that we've invented post-industrial technology, whose fundamental nature is to drive desynchronization, we've come to appreciate a profound point: premature synchronization is the root of all evil (with apologies to Donald Knuth). If you, like me and most people under 50, have developed a strong aversion to being called on the phone for things that could be handled via email or text, and have replaced appointment TV with binge-watching on your own schedule, you have a sense of what's happening, why, and why it's a good thing."


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