Video: Jane McGonigal, game designer en futurist. Gebruikt games voor maatschappelijke transformatie.

"... in my line of work I spend a lot of time helping people imagine things that are really hard to imagine. And what is my line of work? Well, I'm a game designer. And I'm also a futurist. I research what the future might be like. I talk to people about the future they might live in some day. And this is not exactly a common combination of career paths, as far as I know I'm the only game designer futurist, but these two lines of work do have one important thing in common. As a game designer and as a futurist I see it as my job to transport people to worlds that don't exist, to imaginary places. Whether they are a virtual world or whether they are a world we might live in someday, a world that might come to pass or might not come to pass. And my goal as a game designer and as a futurist is to make sure that when people leave these imagined worlds that they feel more creative, more optimistic and most importantly, that they feel more confident and certain of their own capability to transform those worlds."

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