U.K. vs. U.S.: How Much of Your Personal Data Can You Get?


With the General Data Protection Regulation taking effect later this week, Natasha Singer and Prashant S. Rao test "how easy it soon might be for people in Europe to access their personal data compared with users in the United States."

Facebook told Natasha that its self-service data download tool “has been reviewed by our data protection regulator” and would allow her “to access all of your Facebook data.” The company told Prashant that the self-service tool would allow him to access only “the Facebook information available to you” and that the company “isn’t able to provide additional information.”
Matt Steinfeld, a Facebook spokesman, said the social network’s ad preferences tool reflected information it had received about users from data brokers and advertisers. The company recently said it was building a tool to show users a list of the apps and websites that Facebook receives data from when users visit them.


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