PopSugar: Zoe Saldaña & Gloria Estefan among the stars of the animated musical adventure for families"Vivo"


What struck the editor of this article was that Vivo portrays Latinx identities as normal, in that what makes the main character unique is not actually her racial or ethnic background but instead her bold, quirky personality. The story itself follows a kinkajou monkey or Latin American "honey bear" named Vivo on his quest to complete the dying wish of his first human friend, Andrés, a musician. The musical features vibrant cuban music, and the characters' journey takes them across Havana, Key West, the Everglades and Miami. Watch the trailer here and find the full film on Netflix.

Vivo is an especially good film for kids because it subtly shows them that there isn't anything "different" about having family members who speak Spanish or hail from Latin America.


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