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by M.G. Siegler


The Google Translate World Cup

Rory Smith:

“For younger travelers especially, the days of printed phrase and point-it books are over,” said Joss Moorkens, an assistant professor at the School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies at Dublin City University. “That is significant: As people become more familiar with mobile translation tools, they are more likely to be willing to engage with visitors despite the lack of a common language.”
That, certainly, is the Google vision of what its app can do. Ms. Cattiau said the company’s “ambition and vision is breaking language barriers for people in many different ways,” and in many different contexts, not simply tourism. Some 95 percent of Google Translate users are outside the United States, often in multilingual countries such as India and Indonesia.

As someone who travels quite a bit internationally, I'm constantly still blown away each time I use Google Translate. It's one of those things that just makes it feel like your smartphone is actually a magic wand. Now if they can just make those ear buds even just halfway decent...


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