5 Benefits of Decluttering I learned from Yoga


I appreciate the premise of Veronica Clack's article, linking the decluttering of one's home with lessons learned in yoga about decluttering one's life. I have a few ideas to add to this concept, which I'll write about in a future piece. 

For now, check out Number 2 on her list. When decluttering the physical world or the world in our minds and deciding what is essential to keep, ask yourself if you are truly grateful (in the present, not past) for that which you're holding onto. 

If not, 3-2-1 .... let it go. 

If you are grateful, ask if you really need to hold onto it to maintain that gratitude. Does it serve you right now, in your life today? In most cases, the memory is much more valuable than the "thing" or the "concept" we desperately hold onto and allow to take up space in our lives.


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