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A Hollywood Ending

by M.G. Siegler


Steven Soderbergh's Thriller Shot on an iPhone

Michelle Martin:

Soderbergh said the overall experience of making a film on an iPhone was good, although there were some drawbacks such as the phone being very sensitive to vibrations.
“I have to say the positives for me really were significant and it’s going to be tricky to go back to a more conventional way of shooting,” he said.
Not having to make a hole in a wall or secure a camera to the ceiling are big advantages, as is being able to go straight from watching a rehearsal to shooting, Soderbergh said.
“The gap now between the idea and the execution of the idea is just shrinking and this means you get to try out more ideas so I wish I’d had this equipment when I was 15,” he said.

This is incredibly exciting. It's obviously quite a bit more work than this piece would have you believe. But at a high level, an Oscar-caliber filmmaker is making movies with his iPhone. And you can too.


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