Agile Analytics, Part 2: The Bad Stuff

I linked to the first part in this series back in May; it went through all of the great things about organizing your analytics team around Agile. The author came back with part two: all the bad things. Here's my favorite bit:

I often say that analytics is a discipline that is half software engineering and half research. The aspects of analytics that don’t work particularly well with scrum are the parts that are more aligned with the “research” half of the analytics discipline.

I completely agree with this. We do almost all of our client work in Agile, and we do find it awkward to write up stories that are focused on data exploration instead of answering well-defined questions. We've found ways to shoehorn this type of research into the process, but it's clearly not a natural fit. Overall, we feel like the strengths of Agile still outweigh this weakness, but your mileage may vary.

Great, nuanced perspective.


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