Nokia's Decidedly Retro 3310

David Pierce on the newest phone from Nokia -- yes, Nokia:

The 3310 is still a feature phone. It has a web browser, but only barely—it’s a dumbed-down version of Opera, basically there for emergency tweeting. It exists for you to make phone calls, send texts the way you did a decade ago (T9 FTW!), and play Snake. That’s right: Snake’s back. The 3310 weighs less than three ounces, and its battery lasts an absurd 31 days in standby time, or up to 22 hours of talk time.


When it launches in Europe, the 3310 will cost 49 Euros, which is about $51. It’s almost a grocery-store checkout purchase, or something you throw into your In Case of Apocalypse bag and never worry about again. HMD figures some people will buy it as a second phone, a way to get away from the tyranny of your dinging iPhone and buzzing Apple Watch without fully disconnecting.

Sort of fun. Massive battery life. Super cheap. But what if they built something like this as the ultimate chat device? Phone/SMS/FB Messenger/WhatsApp/etc all built-in? Give in a legit camera and there could be something there. No other apps. Just communication.

And fine, Snake. 


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