AMC Plans Streaming Service *for* Cable Subscribers

Tim Baysinger and Jessica Toonkel:

Unlike standalone streaming options from Time Warner’s HBO and from CBS Corp, AMC's would be exclusively available to consumers who subscribe to a cable TV package. AMC is doing this, the sources said, as a way to support the traditional cable television industry at a time when many younger consumers are increasingly cutting the cord.
AMC is discussing featuring digital-only spinoff shows of its existing programs like "The Walking Dead" and is considering pricing between $4.99 to $6.99 a month, according to the sources, who cautioned final details are still being worked out.

I'm completely dumbfounded by this. It almost seems like some communications were crossed. AMC wants people to pay a fee on top of the fee they pay for cable. Otherwise, no access for you!

Maybe AMC just doesn't understand what cord-cutting means. Maybe they think it means literally cutting cords. Maybe they think kids actually love paying for cable -- they just hate cords. Kudos for thinking outside the (cable) box, I guess? 


(Meanwhile, in possibly related news, Comcast appears on the verge of inventing cable television.)


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