15 Organizations Doing Business With ICE Agency


With increased scrutiny towards government agency ICE, which isn't just a government organization. Private companies and educational institutions are doing business with ICE, and are starting to take heat for it. Universities like Northwestern University has about $2.7 million from ICE contracts for “exploratory methods mapping (EMM) process services for big data sets.” Ironically, Northwestern's law school recently launched an immigrant justice clinic in which students manage cases in partnership with the Political Asylum/Immigration Representation Project, a group that gives free legal services to people who have been unjustly detained or sought asylum in the U.S. Johns Hopkins has various ICE agreements to provide university-level education and tactical medical training services. 

Consulting firms Ernst & Young provides ICE with “accounting, program management, budgeting and financial support services”, while its counterpart Deloitte has contracts for “administrative and data/records management support services” and “program management office support services”. Technology companies like Dell provide “integrated hardware/software/services solutions” and “tactical communications program”, Xerox and Canon also have contracts to provide administrative services like copier and printers. Others include Motorola, Time Warner, Amazon, Microsoft.

Companies mentioned (YTD): Motorola (+34%), Amazon (+56%), Microsoft (+23%), Dell (+16%), UPS (-7%)


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