Why "Doing Nothing" Is the Best Self-Care for the Internet Era


Jenny Odell has a new book coming out called How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy. It looks like an interesting complement to Cal Newport's Digital Minimalism, which I enjoyed a lot.

In this interview with GQ Jenny discusses her book, social media, the cult of productivity, why "look at your phone less" isn't very helpful advice, and why you shouldn't measure your day by how much you get done. An excerpt:

It's not just that we're too online and too burnt out. It's that there are negative societal effects downstream from those behaviors: lack of face-to-face interaction erodes compassion; constant distraction and noise keeps us from acting thoughtfully, willfully, or collectively; always following the "North Star of productivity" means we see everything as a resource to be used, which is dehumanizing and environmentally destructive.


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