Apple’s Big Spending Plan to Challenge Netflix

Before I eventually get to the links about today's event, here was a report last week by John Koblin with some interesting tidbits on what was to come:

People involved in the coming series also said that Apple executives had expressed squeamishness when it comes to the portrayal of technology in the shows — how exactly are you using that iPhone? Or that Mac laptop?
Apple was sensitive to a reputation it earned, early on, as a home for uplifting programming, with little or no room for the gritty antihero fare that has defined many critically acclaimed series over the last two decades, from “The Sopranos” onward. Executives at the company bristled when they discovered there would be scenes involving crucifixes in Mr. Shyamalan’s new thriller for the service, as The Wall Street Journal reported in September. But Apple ultimately allowed the crucifixes to remain, according to two people familiar with the series.

There has been some push back about Apple's prudish nature in this regard. But there sure is a lot of smoke. And if there is any truth to this, it's far more damning than anything Apple did today. Yes, Disney has some level of this as well, but it's a legacy thing, and they get around it in pretty simple ways (using other distribution arms). Maybe Apple can ask a certain board member for advice here? They should while they still can!

Apple wants the best content, but only if it fits certain ideals and morals of the company? Good luck with that. All those talent relationships will sour pretty quickly because there is so much money all over the place... Of course, the selling point, as made clear by Oprah today (lol) was the billion+ devices. We may see what that is worth pretty quickly.

It's is worth noting that the shows listed here (some of which were shown today) do sound pretty good...


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