Today’s kids might be digital natives — but a new study shows they aren’t close to being computer literate

Growing up as a "digital native" is not a guarantee of computer literacy. According to results of the International Computer and Information Literacy 2018 study: Only 2 percent of students scored at the highest levels implied by digital native status, and only another 19 percent of the 42,000 students assessed in 14 countries and educational systems could work independently with computers as information-gathering and management tools.

Increasing school leader’s ability to implement strong technology programs is key to solving this problem. Professor Dexter of Univeristy of Virginia who analyzed the study says "The vast majority of school leaders receive little to no preparation to lead ed technology in their school. The U.S. system for principal preparation needs to expand its ed tech prep for leaders, to allow them to learn how technology is a part of the instructional leadership practices so essential to their role."


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