Naming Your Startup: The 5 Make-or-Break Rules for Securing The Ideal Business Name – Dan Martell

In this video, Dan Martell shares his five major (and slightly unconventional) tips for naming your startup.

Not many people know this, but the name for one of Dan's most popular successful startups,, was born out of a late night coding session. 

In that coding session, Dan suddenly realized that all his customers used the same word to describe the outcome they got out of his product: clarity. 

If you’re stuck in your naming process, that's a great place to start.  Go through your case studies, interviews, surveys, etc. and try to single out any common benefit or outcome that keeps coming up.

Wait, you HAVE been interviewing customers, sending out surveys, and collecting case studies, haven't you?! If you've haven't—stop. Don't name your product until you have spoken to real target customers.


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