Facebook's AI can generate MRI images in minutes instead of an hour



Teams from Facebook AI and NYU Langone Health have developed a neural network that can cut the amount of time people have to spend in an MRI machine from more than an hour to just a few minutes.       

The network, dubbed fastMRI, shortens the scanning time because it only requires a quarter as much data to resolve the image.

Talking points:

Gathering only a portion of data that traditional MRIs gather, the technology highlighted in this article then fills in the missing data using AI, meaning that MRIs can be performed in a fraction of the time. This example very clearly frames when AI is a beneficial technology: whenever it is easier to predict additional data than it is to gather additional data. The technology hasn’t convinced everyone yet - the article notes that one out of the six radiologists that examined AI and non-AI MRIs were able to note differences. - Khiran O'Neill | email


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