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Bezos Bomb

by M.G. Siegler


Tony Romo Is the Star of CBS’s Broadcast Team

Bryan Curtis:

In his second year on-air, Romo is wonderfully unpolished. He’s probably the first announcer to reference the movie American Beauty during a game. Romo doesn’t sound like color guys who have been inhaling the instructions of producers for 20-plus years: Let the play-by-play announcer finish, then do exactly 7.5 seconds of analysis … During his 2017 rehearsals in Dallas, Romo did a lot of things wrong—talking at inappropriate times, say—and CBS producers, after some consideration, decided to let him keep going.

I was very critical of Romo as a player (to put it mildly -- I thought he was good, but never worthy of all the hype, as he never really won anything), but there's no denying that he's very good in his new role. I think the prediction stuff is overblown, what's great about him is how fresh his approach is -- he legitimately seems to love the game, and doesn't hide it -- in the usually stodgy booth. It's like what Monday Night Football tried to do with Dennis Miller or Tony Kornheiser, but it works.


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