Here is how UX Design Integrates with Agile and Scrum

Integrating UX and Design into the scrum process. It’s a challenge that continues to plague most organisations mainly because the reason scrum was brought in was not to do more thoughtful, customer-centric work but rather to ship more code faster.

  1. The product backlog contains the pieces of the broader vision that are not going to be worked on in the current sprint. 
  2. Sprint planning is the day-to-day level planning effort for the team. 
  3. The tactical Design work (capital D to serve as an umbrella for the various facets of product design) has to go into the tactical backlog
  4. Critically missing from the core scrum team, and necessary for the integration of UX design, is a full-time designer on the team.
  5. Sprint review is an opportunity to take a look, together as a team, at the output the team generated during the sprint. 


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