How Tiffany Moved 114,000 Gems Without Getting Robbed

For any fans of heist movies wondering how jewelry is moved in real life, now we know. In a scenario that could have come straight out of Ocean's 14, Tiffany's moved almost 115,000 separate pieces out of its 10-story New York City flagship and into an old Nike store while they undergo renovation.

There were 300 cameras monitoring the Tiffany store and about as many in the temporary store, as well as a few more trained on the route along the sidewalk, that were live feeding monitors surveilled by other security officials in the two stores and at Tiffany’s distribution center in Parsippany, N.J.
Employees had been told to keep word of the move quiet...Well before [move day], Tiffany officials had monitored social media, looking for hints of potential criminality. Tiffany hired a company that tracks social media and provided a list of key words like “move,” “727 Fifth Avenue” — the address of the old store — “6 East 57th Street” and the move date.
As an extra security measure, Tiffany put up a tent in front of the door of the temporary store to block the view. Every item was entered into an inventory-control system when it was packed in the old store and checked off when it was unpacked in the temporary one.

According to Tiffany's and the police nothing was snatched during the move. But of course they would say that 😉


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