Payments giant Stripe is raising another $250M at a $35B pre-money valuation

Stripe is on a tear. As I guessed they'd have announcements rolling out in sequence. Two weeks they announced Stripe Capital, going after Square, Kabbage, Bluevine and a slew of other SMB lenders. Last week they made another major announcement, offering a corporate card

The card will aim to solve what the company says is a challenge for smaller companies that have trouble securing cards to buy supplies and to issue to employees. The card also means Stripe is getting into the same space as Brex Inc., the corporate card startup which recently garnered a $2.6 billion valuation.

With Stripe's access to data this is a move that makes complete sense (side note: apparently the company's banking partner on both Capital and Corporate Card is the same, but this partner has yet to be announced. I'm very curious to see who it ends up being.) This week the company rounded out the third pillar of their continued domination announcements with a $250 million raise at a $35 billion valuation.


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