Retail is broken. Apple's Angela Ahrendts has a plan

A terrific profile on Angela Ahrendts from Vogue. After turning round the fortunes of Burberry, Angela Ahrendts joined Apple and is five years into reimagining Apple’s bricks-and-mortar presence - no small feat considering Apple has been so far ahead of the curve on retail already. Following on to Steve Job's vision of retail - "Your job is not to sell, your job is to enrich their lives and always through the lens of education" - Ahrendts is now focused not on the aesthetic of the store, but what the space itself means. She's also focused on technology, trying to ensure learnings are shared across stores in more real time.

At 506 stores around the world, Apple staff start their day with an app called Hello, which briefs them on the most important “need to knows” of the day, often featuring videos from Ahrendts and her team. A second app, Loop, functions as an internal social network where staff can share learnings with each other. “Someone might be selling more phones than anybody else and we ask them to share that on a 20-second video on Loop,” Ahrendts explains. “We use auto-translate and everybody in the world can see what Tom in Regent Street is doing. It’s a huge unlock, just getting all the stores to talk to one another.”


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