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Cold Takes: Onward

by M.G. Siegler

The World is Not Enough

If, like me, this U.S. election cycle has you wanting to move to Mars, we're in luck. Elon Musk has a plan to start going there in 2018. And to start testing the rocket that would help get humans there in 2020. And to get humans there sometime after that. And the plural is important there -- he wants to see a million people on Mars. (For the low, low price of $200B. Which, to be fair, almost seems reasonable to move a million people to Mars.)

The Economist points out why this absolutely matters (at some point):

"In the very long run, the doom-mongers are right: human beings may indeed have to migrate, assuming any are still around. Around a billion years from now the sun, which has been brightening slowly ever since its formation, will be shining fiercely enough to make Earth uninhabitable. If human beings want to survive, they will have to leave. (At the same time, the brighter sun would make Mars much more salubrious."

Bonus points for "salubrious" -- what a great word.


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