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by M.G. Siegler


Sorry, Pal, I Don’t Want to Talk: The Other Reason People Wear AirPods

Rebecca Dolan:

Wearers of AirPods have adapted their daily behavior to the product in ways even its designers might not have foreseen—as a cloak of invisibility.
“If something interesting is happening on the train, and you want to be able to listen to it while not seeming to listen to it, you can still hear what is happening around if you have them in while they’re not playing,” said Jasiel Martin-Odoom of Brooklyn.
Mr. Martin-Odoom, 25 years old, said he gets annoyed when people fail to observe the stay-away rule. Heading to a friend’s house, he said, “I had my AirPods in because it’s an UberPool ride—I don’t want to talk to anybody.”
The other rider in the car, he groused, wanted to chat.
“The fact that I had to pause my music and had to engage in a conversation—which we both could have avoided, if she’d just also put her headphones in—bothered me,” Mr. Martin-Odoom said.

This is me, 100%. I generally keep the AirPods in an obscenely large percentage of the day. But when I'm commuting, it's close to 100%. I used to do this with EarPods (read: OG headphones) too, but it's so much more seamless with the AirPods. The best product Apple has made in a long, long time, hands down.


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