Is lack of faith in police leading to more terror?

"If you hear something, say something". Sounds good in theory, but generally people don't adhere to this common adage. Professor John Horgan of Georgia State University shares the findings of 40 years' research on the terrorism mindset; and comes up with a surprising conclusion:

  • Terrorists have very different backgrounds and cannot all be put into an all-inclusive category.
  • There are no behavioral patterns that can be detected, except that a "very significant percentage of offenders told friends, family and coworkers about their intent". In many cases, "we can see it coming".
  • The problem is people don't come forward. They "told [researchers] that they don't really know who to report suspect behaviors to and they are afraid of what will happen to them and to the reported person [presumably a friend or family member]".

Is this the result of years of progressive slide into brutal repression? Have citizens lost confidence in authorities' ability to provide fair treatment? Has it got to the point where they won't report potential terrorists and, instead, just hope for the best? 

If only politicians would consult with academics who have 40 years of research under their belt.


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