Are You Setting Your Data Scientists Up to Fail?

There are far too few good data scientists out there, and they command high salaries. They may very well be the key to more-efficient operations, new customer insights, and revenue growth. Invest time into getting them in the right spots and managing them properly.

This article might be a useful one to share within your organizations—your managers and executives could likely benefit. Here's my favorite quote, and a thought that's counterintuitive to managers not typically working with researchers:

Encourage data scientists to “pull on a thread.” Serendipity lies at the root of many great discoveries, and data scientists, since they see so much data, are uniquely positioned to find these threads. Ask data scientists what else they’re learning, what surprised them, and what just doesn’t look right. Most threads won’t lead anywhere, but help data scientists develop a knack for identifying those with the most potential and the courage to follow up.


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