Bitcoin Classic arrives: conservative block size increase proposal

A new alternative implementation of Bitcoin emerged on the scene this week: Bitcoin Classic. Bitcoin Classic is led by Jonathan Toomin who was a presenter at Scaling Bitcoin (watch his presentation here). Classic proposes an increase in block size from 1 megabyte to 2 starting as soon as March 1st, and an increase to 4 megabytes a year later. Toomin also proposes a more democratic approach to making decisions about which features to adopt into the project.

The number of alternative projects to Bitcoin Core both in terms of their technical approach to scaling and their group management style are growing. A diversity in approaches in open source projects can be a good thing - look at the large variety of Linux distributions. Some in the group around Bitcoin Core continues to claim that they are the one and true Bitcoin - anointed by Satoshi. 

That a permissionless decentralized currency should have a centralized development process where all developers must be in consensus and no one creates alternative implementations without permission is absurd. 


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