2) VICE: Martine Gutierrez explores her identity as a trans Latinx woman of indigenous descent with a self-published fashion mag


Great Q&A with the brilliant Gutierrez: a trans, mixed-raced artist of Guatemalan and White descent, who re-imagined indigenous identity for her latest project "Indigenous Woman", a 146-page magazine she modeled & posed for, and also took every picture, styled every outfit, and designed all the layouts for. The Brooklyn-based artist used costume, photography, and film to produce elaborate narrative scenes that combine pop culture tropes, sex dolls, mannequins, and self-portraiture to explore the ways in which identity, like art, is both a social construction and an authentic expression of self. In one photo series, called Demons, she casts herself as Aztec, Mayan, and Yoruba deities to examine how the sacred feminine in indigenous cultures has been portrayed by the West. Eighteen of Gutierrez’s photographs were recently on view at the Ryan Lee Gallery in NYC.


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