How to Perform Usability Testing in 5 Steps | Savah

Usability testing is an important process of testing before launching the product. Checkout 5 easy steps to perform usability test for relevant results.

Why Usability Testing: The Highlights

  • Being a test that shows how easy real users can use a product, usability testing depicts how a product or service supports users when accomplishing various goals and how easy and quick they do this
  • There are three main forms of usability testing; moderate remote, moderate in-person and unmoderated remote
  • While both moderate in-person and moderate remote takes two to tango, the participant and the facilitator, the former is done in one shared location while the latter having them in different locations Unmoderated remote involves an administrator who provides a set of tests on a number of people
  • Usability testing can be done from the beginning of the design process. It allows major and minor tweaking here and there that would improve ideas and concepts suggested earlier
  • This effective UX technique is based on user behaviour and from that standpoint, it’s hard to contradict data obtained from a good representation of participants. It also produces specific results required for specific action, saving time and even money in the long run.
To get maximum value from usability testing, make sure your goals are well elaborated and relevant to the product or feature being tested, employ the method right from the beginning and involve your clients and share your findings and insights.


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