The many hats of a data analyst

I have often found that it is difficult to explain to business stakeholders what exactly a data analyst on my analytics team does. And even beyond that, I have sometimes found it difficult to explain to the data analysts themselves why their job is so valuable to the business and what their future career opportunities might look like.

Living in this world all-day-every-day, this entire post really rings true for me and builds nicely on the work that Caitlin Moorman did in her great posts on analyst career ladders.

The one thing I think I disagree with is the sense that data analysts need to do something else to continue their career trajectories—move to bizops or product or data science or management. I think this may be true at small startups, but at-scale data teams are building individual contributor career tracks just like software engineers: junior, senior, staff, and principle data analysts. I'm not saying you must advance your career track as an IC data analyst, but I believe that you can. As you progress you work on more business-critical, more challenging problems.


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