2) American Libraries Mag: Author Sandra Cisneros celebrates 35th anniversary of her influential novel "The House on Mango Street"


Trailblazing Chicana author Sandra Cisneros is often characterized as the first female Mexican-American writer to have her work go mainstream, through her book The House on Mango Street. A NYT bestseller (find it here or at your local POC-owned bookstore!), the coming-of-age novel appears on many young adult and school reading lists. In this Q&A, she talks about turning The House on Mango Street into an opera, her thoughts on the #MeToo movement in the literary world, and an oral history project she's working on to share the voices of more than 50 undocumented people. From Sandra:

I always tell students: The stories that are the most powerful aren’t the ones we remember, but the ones we wish we could forget. Sometimes these stories have so much power over us that we’re not allowed to speak them, because they will destroy us. It’s like the story is holding a knife to our throat, and it’s by telling the story over and over again that it releases us. Sometimes it takes a lifetime. 


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