Watch this docu-film: GURUMBE, AFRO-ANDALUSIAN MEMORIES (a celebration of the African influence on flamenco)

I love the art of dance. Some of my favorite experiences when visiting Spain have been going to Flamenco shows. This week I listened to a podcast episode by Afropop Worldwide called "The Hidden Blackness of Flamenco" and discovered a new documentary that teaches some unknown history and influences of Flamenco. I thought this community would enjoy both the podcast episode and the docu- film.

Flamenco as we know it was “born” in Spain in the mid-19th century. But for centuries before that, Roma (Gitanos, Gypsies) had been living in Spanish cities, often rubbing shoulders with the descendants of Africans (Moors), who had been there as both citizens and slaves going back to Medieval times and earlier. This overlooked pre-history of flamenco is explored in Miguel Angel Rosales’s award-winning documentary film Gurumbé: Afro-Andalusian Memories.

You can watch the trailer or rent the film for under $4 here! You can also listen to the podcast episode by Afropop here.


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