As Videogame Market Shifts, GameStop Struggles to Boost Sales

Patrick Thomas:

The majority of revenue for GameStop, which has more than 6,000 stores, comes from sales of new and used videogames. Efforts to find other revenue sources—from acquiring streaming-technology startup Spawn Labs to mobile-phone stores—over the past decade haven’t done enough to reduce the company’s reliance on game sales.

It's sort of like how RadioShack faded -- except that people, myself included, actually had affection for RadioShack. I hated GameStop. The way they absolutely screwed you on trade-in prices was only made worse by the upsells they conned you into (magazine subscriptions, etc) if you dared buy something. They're more in the Blockbuster vein, in my book.

Mr. Mauler also said the company should focus on selling more accessories and becoming more of a pop-culture retailer, for example, selling T-shirts and shot glasses of popular videogames like “Fortnite” and TV shows such as “Game of Thrones.”

Shot glasses. Was the former CEO looking at the other end of one of these when he came up with such ideas?


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