Khalid Muhmood - Using the Family Holding Company to Invest in Education [The Business of Family Podcast]

Khalid Muhmood is from the UK and through the family business holding company Dragonfly Education Group, is an operational investor in education.

He has been active in the business of education since 1994 when he and his wife, Arabella Peters, co-founded Apollo English and then the British University Vietnam. Since then they have invested in a number of businesses all focused on education.

  • "Learning from successful family businesses; so many of them do not load up on debt" - [Khalid]
  • "A well-run family business is difficult to beat, especially during downtimes" - [Khalid]
  • When asked "what is your biggest headache?" at an event, many of the entrepreneurs answered "My father".
  • In the future, the key role for the kids is going to be "Good Owners"


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