The 17 BEST Ways to Boost Authors (and 3 WORST!)

Tim Clare runs an excellent podcast for writers and we share a lovely agent. If you ever wondered how best to support your favourite authors, this is a marvellous list. Paragraph three of point 15 is my favourite thing I've read on writing for a while:

These are tough times to be making great, weird art – perhaps twas ever thus – and taking the leap and choosing to become a supporter of someone on Patreon – even with just a $1 a month donation – is a fundamentally political act. It’s a vote for art, a vote for culture, it’s an active, positive step towards a reality where independent creators are valued and celebrated and free to fill the world with awesome stuff. We need imagination more than ever. And imagineers gotta eat.

You can replace Patreon with any number of services (I've been linking to some of them these last few issues). Authors and publishers need to experiment to find ways to generate reliable, recurring income. Doesn't have to be a full-time salary. But it should feel like a salary.


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