David Bunnell, Whose Magazines Were Tech World Must-Reads, Dies at 69


 From John Markoff's story:

Mr. Bunnell arrived at MITS in 1973 without a technical background. But his ability to write clearly and accessibly about the industry and its wares earned him a job, and he began chronicling what would become known as the “PC revolution” — one of the first to do so for a mass readership.
Mr. Bunnell had been at MITS several years when two other ambitious young men, Paul Allen and Mr. Gates, arrived there with a version of the Basic programming language. Mr. Allen and Mr. Gates would soon leave MITS to found Microsoft.

Like ships passing in the night...

One other humorous excerpt:

“Getting ads was so easy,” Mr. Bunnell told Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine in the book “Fire in the Valley: The Birth and Death of the Personal Computer.” “All you had to do was answer the phone.”

Again, a different time, for sure.


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