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Those Lit MacBooks

by M.G. Siegler


iMac Pro has an impressive 200%-300% speed bump

Vincent Laforet:

I found a very consistent set of results: a 2X to 3X boost in speed (relative to my current iMac and MacBook Pro 15”) a noticeable leap from most generational jumps that are generally ten times smaller.
Whether you’re editing 8K RED video, H.264 4K Drone footage, 6K 3D VR content or 50 Megapixel RAW stills – you can expect a 200-300% increase in performance in almost every industry leading software with the iMac Pro.
I’ve seldom seen a jump this dramatic before on any new generation of Macs – 20%-30% speed increases are the norm … NOT 200%-300% increases. That’s SIGNIFICANT. (Feel free to jump straight to the test results below if you have a short attention span or are a numbers person..)

That sounds pretty incredible. I'm actually writing this on my "old" iMac, which even at 4 years old, feels pretty speedy. Though one can't help but be tempted by an 18-core CPU with 128 GB of RAM -- for a mere $13k or so


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