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Hearts & Minds

by M.G. Siegler


Apple legalizes and taxes in-app tipping for content creators

Another big, if subtle change for Apple, as reported by Josh Constine:

This means developers can add tipping features without fearing repercussions from Apple, as long as they’re willing to give the giant 30%. The grey area had kept tipping out of some popular apps who sought to avoid any tension with Apple. Now app makers can offer and promote tipping features with confidence.
The developers will have to determine for themselves whether they themselves take a cut of the tips or pass the full 70% on to the content creators. Passing on 50% while taking a 20% cut could unlock paths to monetizing video where ads can be interruptive or tough to match with unpolished footage.

The 30% cut is pretty brutal. But, if it opens a whole new level of monetization for some folks... We'll see.


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