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by M.G. Siegler


Elon Musk Is the Id of Tech

Kara Swisher on the Musk/Steve Jobs overlap:

What they do share is a proclivity for what is perhaps the most important element of all truly legendary makers of important things: Creative destruction.
For Mr. Jobs, it was a bet-the-company approach that ushered in a whole new way of computing. For Mr. Musk it is a lot of big notions, any one of which would be hard to do alone, from electric self-driving cars to ubiquitous solar energy to landing a spent rocket ship on a platform in the ocean. Yeah, he did that, too.

The world is rarely black and white. Everyone who seems insane or a jerk or brilliant or a savior often has another side, at least in some way. Some hide it better than others. Though in our especially polarizing age, the narrative has never swung so wildly as it has with Musk...


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