[Featured Project] It's a wonderful life by Leafhopper // David Simon Martret & Blanca Galindo


This series of images with no beginning and no end shows the cloudy duality in which individuals could be understood both as subversive beings, rising against social standards, and as drifting victims of a lack of emotional connection, individualism, global dislocation or consumerism. Understanding addiction both as an adaptation and as a subversion. It’s a beautiful life that presents an“amazing life” that may seem troubled, but that could be eventually seen as a glorious struggle to survive.

David Simon Martret & Blanca Galindo (1984) are a documentary photography duo working together as Leafhopper and currently living between Barcelona and Kuala Lumpur. They combine assignments and personal projects. Their photography works and articles explore human adaptation in controversial politico-social environments, creating critical and self-reflexive documents.

You can find more of their work on Instagram.


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