Investments in edtech platforms are powering online learning in the age of COVID

When the dust settles, it’s likely that the usage sparked by COVID-19 will not return to the status quo ante. We may see half, or even more, of all U.S. students enrolling in online courses much sooner than anticipated. This may be even more true if an economic downturn leaves millions more Americans out of work and seeking training.

What does this mean for institutions and investors? The novel coronavirus could be “more of a catalyst for online education and other ed-tech tools than decades of punditry and self-serving corporate exhortations”.

Institutions (and companies and their investors) are rushing out online “content” and “learning” in a COVID-19-inspired hard shift to online environments. What virtually every school has done amounts to buying a Zoom license and asking teachers and faculty to lead synchronous, talking-head online lectures. They haven’t had the time, much less the resources, to implement the most basic best practices of online learning – like incorporating asynchronous learning tasks in with their lessons.


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