Facebook Can Make VR Avatars Look—and Move—Exactly Like You


Peter Rubin:

Nope. Sheikh's avatar doesn't have the beard or owlishly round glasses he wears in real life (ostensibly they're harder to get right, so he did the capture without them), but it's him. It's him so much that when he invites me to lean in and take a closer look at the stubble on his face, it feels incredibly invasive to do so. It's so much Steve Lombardi that, when he later walks into the room for real, I feel like I already know him—despite never having met him in the flesh. The results aren't perfect. When people are speaking excitedly, their avatars' mouths don't move quite as much as their tone would suggest; hair is visible to the individual strand, but has a hazy aura around it; tongues look a bit fuzzy. But the aggregate effect is overwhelmingly something along the lines of this shouldn't be possible.

This, of course, was always just a matter of time. Sort of wild though that we're apparently already this close to it.


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