Is Blogging For Profit A Scam, Or A Stay-At-Home Mom’s Dream?

Kathryn Jezer-Morton has an absolutely fascinating deep-dive on, as she describes it, "moms who blog about blogging." She found that it's basically a giant multi-level marketing scheme — often unbeknownst to the bloggers themselves.

Suddenly the oddly haphazard nature of the posts I was seeing made sense. These aren’t blogs primarily meant for telling a story, or establishing someone’s digital personality — they’re blogs for earning money. And among the most popular items for sale, it would seem, are guides for how to make money through blogging. They are blogs about blogging.
The substance of the blogs — guidance on motherhood and domesticity — is often so thinly reconstituted that it’s basically motherhood tips from a content farm. Rather than writing about their own personal experiences or expertise, the mothers producing it seem to be following a set of conventions that they learn in the online blogging courses they buy. The result is a uniformity of tone and content that fails to conjure anything real. It’s a simulation of motherhood engineered to earn a bit of income for mothers.


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