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A Game of Screens

by M.G. Siegler


Why the Next 'Game of Thrones' Book Isn't Coming Soon, Even If It's Finished

Speaking of Martin, even if The Winds of Winter is done -- biggest. if. ever. -- Dan Reilly has some... cold water:

Now, in six weeks, those millions of people will know the onscreen fate of Westeros and all the main characters. Martin’s deviation from the show will still be of interest in a few months—maybe he’ll resurrect Jon Snow in a different way or kill off a beloved character much sooner—so nobody will suffer by waiting for a proper, fleshed-out release schedule.
“There’s a natural rhythm of things that comfortably takes months because there are thousands and thousands of books. Random House is doing 10,000 a year, so that’s 200 a week, 40 a day,” Shatzkin says. “It’s a real pain in the ass to pull a book out of the normal queue and treat it separately when you’re dealing with that many. Sure, the publisher is going to say, ‘We want to do it faster because everybody’s waiting for it,’ but there’s no real upside in putting it too soon and not covering all your bases. It will not benefit from being rushed.”

At this point, it would definitely behoove everyone for Martin to give some time between the end of the show and the next book. It will create a whole new cycle around "here's how he would have done it" which will be a completely unique and fascinating situation. Two parallel timelines, both of which can only really be valid thanks to the order in which they happened to happen! If the books had come first, the show would have had no choice but to follow them much more closely... Now they're almost like original, yet derivative works.

Do I have to mention there's another book for Martin to write after Winds of Winter? At this rate, it will be closer to 2030 before we get an answer to how the HBO version of Game of Thrones stacks up to the books. That is in no way an exaggeration. It's likely an optimistic timeline.


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