Giphy is launching its own take on stories with curated GIFs throughout the day

I read this story by my colleague Dami Lee and just screamed "why?!" the whole time. Say hello to the opposite of time well spent:

Now Giphy is announcing that it’s refreshing its homepage to prominently feature Stories, which will be curated by an editorial team. Stories will be centered around the day’s trending subjects, told through GIFs. One story will be published every hour, curated by categories of Entertainment, Sports, and Reactions.
Despite the obvious connection to Instagram Stories in its name, Giphy Stories are a little more like a cross between a Twitter Moment and Snapchat’s Discover content. There’s episode recaps like “The Bachelorette Finale in GIFs” which are reminiscent of Tumblr GIF sets, and reaction packs like “The best GIFs for your summer out of office email” which read like a Buzzfeed listicle in GIF form.


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