How to Embrace Constant Change in Growth — Brian Balfour's Coelevate

This article from ex-Hubspotter Brian Balfour starts with a situation every marketer can relate to.

In the early days of building the growth team at HubSpot, we spent a few months optimizing onboarding in our product and produced some meaningful improvements. As the team expanded, I wanted to dedicate a full-time team to onboarding, but I got a few versions of the following questions from other executives:
“Why do you want to put a full-time team on that? I thought you guys were done optimizing onboarding?”

Brian's next sentence?

The mentality of “done” is the exact opposite of the mentality of high performance growth teams. Change is constant. Change is difficult. Not adapting to change is fatal.

Whilst his post talks specifically to the challenges of growth teams, they're also generalizable for every team. As much as we'd like to, modern business requires more than just a 'one-and-done' mindset. Our customers change, the market shifts, the product improves, the marketing techniques work (or don't). There are too many variables for us to isolate and improve independently - although, we can work on all of them iteratively. 

Brian's suggestion is to embrace constant change as a principle, and offers five recommendations on how to kickstart this in your team. I want to call these two out: 

3. Balance Your Portfolio of Bets

Whether you're trying to balance marketing tactics or product roadmap items, try to maintain a good ratio of risk and reward. Test new and unproven tactics while also continuing to invest in more reliable tactics, and shift your pool of resources accordingly.

5. Hire For Grit and Resilience

The concept of failure has no real place in growth-mindset teams. You've proven or disproven a hypothesis, so pick up the next one and move on. 

Resilience is a really interesting subject - in systems thinking, resilient systems just have more feedback loops and so are able to better cope with changes to inputs and output. How can we build more feedback - more resilience - into the growth systems and teams we already have?


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