Y Combinator will give $10K if you complete its free online startup program, launch a company in 10 weeks


It's now become easier to start a company, and even easier to find mentors to share their insights and best practices to build a fast-growth company. Y Combinator (the granddaddy of all startup accelerators) wants to democratize free access to startup knowledge, with the recently announced third year of its Startup School program beginning August 27. The program offers a 10-week set of lectures on how to build, grow and monetize a startup. This year, YC is going to give 100 high-potential companies that complete the course a $10,000 grant for no equity in return. Beyond the lectures and the grants, YC will also offer participants more than $50,000 in credits to Amazon Web Services and other enterprise tools, to build your company or business. 

You can sign up here.


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