Introducing the Keybase filesystem

For those of you that don't know Keybase, they're trying to make identity and encryption easy. It's founded by the guys behind OkCupid, so they understand privacy and identity and have a history of executing. Right now, they're targeting programmers, but the goal is that normal people will be able interact securely with others on the internet with the knowledge that no one else can read files or messages. 

The Keybase filesystem can be thought of as an end-to-end encrypted dropbox. What's really cool, is that it lets you securely share files with others as long as you know any piece of identifying information about them: their social media account name, website, email, etc, even if they don't have a Keybase account.  

Imagine you want to securely share your business plan with a potential investor you'd like to connect with. You only know her Twitter. Keybase filesystem lets you make a folder that only you and that Twitter user can view and put your business plan in that folder. No need to ask for their Dropbox username or email.  And unlike Dropbox, Keybase also can't read the files you put in that folder.

It's command line and invite only at the moment, but once this includes a graphical interface, it's going to be huge! If you're already on Keybase, you can track me here. If you're not and you'd like to be, you'll need an invite. I've used up all of my invites, but if you can't find one and email me, I'll ask around and try to find you one.


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