Disney to launch Marvel's Avengers Playmation wearable smart toys


Playmation is the next step in the evolution of play, where digital gets physical and imagination becomes real. The groundbreaking system of toys and wearables uses smart technology to inspire kids to run around and use their imaginations, as they become the hero or heroine of Walt Disney stories. _Playmation brings the super hero fantasy to life during physical play using wearables and connected toys that use light, sound, and haptic feedback to spark a child’s imagination._ _J.A.R.V.I.S., the computerized A.I. developed by Tony Stark, guides players through missions and gameplay in a storyline that picks up after the events of the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. The toys use gesture recognition, infrared, and radio frequency technology to allow kids to battle super villains like Loki and Ultron. All of the action is recorded through the Avengers Gear wearable tech and saved on the AvengersNet app. Players can log onto their smartphone or tablet to download new missions and compare their own scores and accomplishments with their friends._ _“A child’s imagination takes the place of the TV screen,” Yazdian says. “We’ve structured the experiences—missions, boss battles, cooperative play, competitive multiplayer in battle arenas—based on digital gameplay where players are leveling up, progressing, and becoming a stronger super hero.”_


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