‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Concludes One Mission And Begins Another | Uproxx


Alan Sepinwall:

To a degree, every new Star Trek series suffers in the early days from memories of the previous ones. The Dr. McCoy cameo in the Next Generation pilot was one of the few highlights of that show’s mostly terrible first season. Chief O’Brien was the character I enjoyed watching most in Deep Space Nine‘s first year because I already knew him from TNG. When Voyager was foundering creatively, they added a heroic version of modern Trek‘s most popular villains (and put her in a sexy catsuit, just to play things safe). So the fact that the echoes of and allusions to vintage Kirk and Spock adventures sticks out more than anything else Discovery has done isn’t an indictment of the latest series. But the show, like that theme song, needs to start creating more reasons to care even when it’s not evoking memories of 1966.

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