Featured article of the week: “Our School”


This article by Lauren Markham is the best article on education that I have read in a very long time. (I’m recommending that my colleagues read it next August at their back-to-school professional learning.) Ms. Markham reports on the new curriculum in Alaska’s North Slope Borough School District, home of the Iñupiat people. It is a story of how a community can rebuild its schools in order to decolonize, resuscitate, and heal. If you are an educator, or if you care about education, there are many connections here. It will push you to think again about the big questions, like: What is education for? and Why do I teach? In fact, I encourage you to respond to a prompt on this article by clicking here or on the talk bubble below. (Ms. Markham was previously featured in Extras #63 for her excellent profile on the mayor of San Salvador.)


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